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I have heard about the water sport called the wakeboard and I knew you can find it in Croatia, but that I will try it in Varaždin (north Croatia) I´d never guessed!

Quite spontaneously, my travel-buddy Lana (my husband and I met her on our trip to Cuba – but that`s another great story!)  suggested a weekend in Varazdin on some local – you can call it – beach resort on some cleansed lake.

Today it is officially Aquacity Varazdin within there is a restaurant (expensive, say the locals), sports facilities (which do not look like as they are in use), toilet and beach – quite decent. We were particularly interested in the wakeboard zone within Aquacity.
Wakeboard (Cable Wakeboard) is actually similar to snowboarding – a skier has a board attached to his feet and in this case he uses water surface for boarding or skiing. Skier is of course holding the handle which is tied to the cable pulled by the electric motor. Wakeboard lift can be circular or linear. The speed is managed by a person in the wakeboard park. Given our own experience and examples of other participants, wakeboarding is extremely easy to learn and after just a few rides most of the people get on their feet fast and enjoy the ride.

During discussions with the instructor Matija I had learnt that foreigners despite the language barrier (I can assure you that Matija speaks English very well) learn to wake faster than local people who have much easier understanding with instructor. And they say that Croatians are an athletic nation? Don`t care about your age, because this sport can actually try everybody – both young and old!

Experienced boarders do all sorts of stunts, from jumping, riding backward, back flips… whatever they are willing to try. If a wakeboard park is very well equipped and it will probably have water ramps that can be used by experienced boarders for more attractions and jumps.

Varazdin Aquacity is an excellent substitute for the sea, especially if you’re not going there, if you`re a short of money or the sea-side is not in near. Given the summer heat, Varaždin is excellent refreshments for Zagreb citizens who can Jarun or Bundek replace with this one-day trip.

How does it feel to wakeboard? Great, specially when you know that your competition is much younger than you, and really everyone can try! I have to admit, while falling couple of times I drank a lot of water and some of the falls were a bit painful. However, the brave do not give up and enjoy another water activity.

Wakeboarding is an extremely young sport – appeared in 1984. In Croatia, wakeboard became popular in the last few years and there are a few lifts: in Porec, on the island of Krk and Pag, and now we have a lift in Aquacity Varazdin and on Jarun in Zagreb.

What does cost this escapade? Price in Varazdin is 50 kn (about 7 euro)  for 15 minutes or 100 kn (about 14 euro) for half an hour. Good thing is that you don`t have to spend all the time at once but in several occasions. For beginners learning and the first ride is free. Lift works every day from 12-20 p.m.

Just another activity you have to try! And one more thing, if you are not in good shape, then certainly expect sore muscles. I feel the pain for the second day now.




How many times did you before going on the road hear from relatives or friends (or even just acquaintances) – Bring me something! Well, although I find traveling very exciting, we always lose a lot of time looking for the perfect souvenir. Because of this problem, and from my own experience, I decided to find the best souvenirs.

I was dusting the other my souvenirs. Some I got from friends and some I brought. I really needed some time and actually I was tormented by taking of each figure, cleaning it and then returning it back. It took me quite a lot of miles to realize what is the best, the most practical and least expensive souvenir, and that will be suitable for my friend. And yes, I’m smarter now, so I buy just some souvenirs and for a narrow group of people.
Regardless of whether you agree with me or not, I’m sure there are souvenirs in your home that just collect dust and you don`t have strength to take them of the shelf. Well let’s see, what could be the best travel souvenirs?


1. Magnets – I do not know anybody that was on the road, and that hasn`t bought at least one magnet. This is among my favorite souvenirs, and people often mention that they would like to get one. Prices can be ok, although I saw in some countries that they are charging really too much for a piece.

2. Postcards – On the road I always send at least one postcard, and everything depends on the destination country. Too bad that the postage is high, we might send more postcards! Some buy them and bring them without sending, I personally prefer the ones that I get in my mailbox.

3. Pictures – certainly the most rewarding souvenir. Memories that you`ll never take of from the wall, of course if you like it! Rarely you’ll go wrong, especially if you’re buying something that is typical for the country you’re visiting. Hanging carvings and things like that can decorate the space, are also okay.


4. T-ShirtsI have experienced that as a practical souvenir T-shirt was better and cheaper than anything else, and the purchase of magnets, figurines would thereby be ridiculous. It`s better to get a nice shirt then a nice figure that will soon be dust collector. This is definitely a desirable souvenir.

5. Jewelry – Buying jewelry for a female person, you can never go wrong, no matter whether it is a wooden, plastic, or from the more precious materials like silver, amber, gold, turquoise … Women love this stuff and will be happy to wear them especially if it`s their taste. This souvenir is convenient also for you. I have a friend who buys silver bracelet in each destination, I personally like silver rings, but it could be anything.

EXTRA 6.  – Photos – Souvenir that you`ll always have, but it will mean something only to you. Therefore, even a mini-camera is desirable to capture the moments while on the journey. And of course, if you don`t have to make each of them, but only the ones you want to see once in a while in your album.

Do you have a favorite souvenir? I look forward to your ideas and experiences from the trip!


Island Brač (Dalmatia) is the third largest island in the Adriatic but also the highest island – Mount St. Vid 778 m.

This photo has real colors of the sea in the town Bol, known by the famous beach Zlatni rat (Golden Horn).

Photograph: Sandra Bortek


They say that Santorini is the most beautiful Greek island. It is an island of love and romance and therefore attracts honeymooners and romantics.The views are incredible and unforgettable.

Photograph by Sandra Bortek


Zašto bih se voljela vratiti?

Jordan je moja prva arapska zemlja koju sam posjetila. Kažu da je najrazvijenija iako je cijelo stanovništvo skoncentrirano na 20% površine. Ostatak naime otpada na pustinju.

Pustinja Wadi rum, Jordan / Foto: Sake
Provela sam 7 dana na putu od sjevera prema jugu Jordana i pritom posjetila glavne adute ove čarobne zemlje koja za turizam zna tek unazad petnaestak godina. Beduini, nomadski narod, također se sve više uklapa u turizam i na taj način zaračuju za kruh.

Moja želja za odlaskom u Jordan počela je od sna za odlaskom u izgubljeni grad Petru, kojom je svojevremeno i Indiana Jones projahao u svojem posljednjem nastavku (točnije Harrison Ford i Sean Connery).

I gotovo kao u filmu, tako sam se i ja osjećala dok sam koračala do Kraljevske riznice u Petri duž Siqa – jedini prolaz koji vodi do Petre, a koji je nastao usljed potresa. Ovim putem možete proći i jašući na konjima ili vožnji u improviziranoj kočiji na dva kotača. Teren je pomalo grbav i zaista ne znam tko uživa u jurnjavi kroz Siq, iako vjerujem da je jahanje na konjima puno ugodnije.
Nevjerojatan prizor, osim kod dolaska pred Riznicu, pruža vam se na sam grad Petru. Više od 800 grobnica otkriveno je u dolini, a kako sami Jordanci kažu, ima ih još, ali mi imamo vremena. Naime, ne žure s iskapanjima, tako put kojim možda budete koračali zapravo je i do 7 metara iznad “prizemlja”, originalne ulice, ceste ili ulaza u grobnicu.

Predivna crvena boja pješčenjaka, stijena, samo podiže osjećaj divljenja i ostavlja vas bez daha. Nađete li se tamo, uzmite vrijeme za istraživanje i poput nas uputite se prema samostanu. Iako do njega vodi gotovo 1000 stepenica i trebat će vam 45 minuta hoda, svaka bol u vašim mišićima i stezanje u plućima vrijedi! Odozgora puca nevjerojatan pogled prema dolini Petre i na drugu stranu prema Izraelu. Također ispred samo samostana nalazi se mini bar, uopće ne znam kako bih to nazvala, ali možete sjesti i popiti kavu ili čaj i odmoriti i uživati u pogledu.

Osjećaj nakon što se popnete na vrh gotovo je jednak osvajanju najviše planine i gotovo se zapitate “Ima li ljepšeg prizora od ovog”. Dakako da ima, ali ovo je vaš najljepši trenutak.

Pričat ću vam još o Jordanu, neka ovo bude mali uvod…

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