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Jungle in the City – Zagreb Trail

I love my city, I love running his streets but finding trails in the pure center seems like a real adventure. For those who wish to see the jungle in Zagreb, I can only say – try running Zagreb Trail. Continue reading Jungle in the City – Zagreb Trail


Running, jogging and walking tours in Zagreb

How to #beactive and explore #Zagreb at the same time? Try #running or jogging #citytour in the capital of #Croatia!

My travel & tourism story goes way back to my university times and although I had successfully worked in other fields, somehow my path always turned me back to big T. Continue reading Running, jogging and walking tours in Zagreb


Ok, you will probably ask why is this so important to know about Croatia? If you are not a runner this information will perhaps be unimportant, but still, news like this don`t come so often. So what about this?

Last weekend in Winschonten, small town in Netherlands, the IAU 100km World and European Championships took place. It is something that happens every year but this year`s championship was full of excitement for Croats. Our national ultra running team went there with 4 of 5 our best women. Yes, only five, because from 4 mil people that live in Croatia only this few running-lovers are crazy enough to run 100 km (or 24 hour race!)


The best night run in Zagreb

If you ever plan to visit Zagreb sometime in late August, try not to miss the best night race – night marathon!

The runners will for sure be excited to know that night marathon like this one exists in Zagreb, and even if they are just visiting Zagreb as a tourist, a great race like this one shouldn`t be missed.

Continue reading The best night run in Zagreb

Ferrara marathon

leadImage_ftasliderI am excited. Only two days to Ferrara marathon. I will be running half marathon race and this will be my third run.

Although I had a great running winter, and I have already run this long, I feel like it is my first time. It seems like this time I should do better, be faster, feel no pain… yet you never know what to expect.

Ferrara as a town should be interesting and nice. Hopefully it will be like I remember it.

Awaiting Sunday…