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National park Krka in pictures

I love nature and my wish was to explore National park Krka. You know when you are young, you don`t pay so much attention to the places you visit. Naturally when you get older you think how stupid that was… Continue reading National park Krka in pictures


National park Krka #Croatia

Besides famous National park Plitvice Lakes, my favourite on is National Park Krka located near the city of Šibenik, Dalmatia.

The Krka National Park was named after river Krka and proclaimed in 1985. There is much to see in NP Krka but for sure, most famous (and crowded) is the site Skradinski buk.

It is easy to get there – just follow high way and get of in Skradin. There you will get on a boat that will take you to the entrance of the park. Continue reading National park Krka #Croatia


Great Blue Hole is actually a natural phenomenon of vertical caves, and in this case extends below the sea surface. The hole is located within the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve. Popular explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau made it famous in the early 70’s when he declared it one of the top 10 diving spots in the world. Depth is 125 meters.

Photo credit: U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)


River Zrmanja fascinates with its blue-green color while gently slides through the rocky canyon. Since the highway to the sea has been built, some of the Croatian beauty has been forgotten. Rafting, canoeing, relaxation and adventure, everything is possible. So try not to leave this place on your way through Croatia.

In the background you can see the mountain Velebit.

Photography by: Sandra Bortek