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The #London Blast

Just a few photos from my trip to London. I had opportunity to be at the Olympic Games a support Croatian handball team and to explore London for the second time. With great friends it was a trip to remember! Continue reading The #London Blast


The (Secret) City of London

I was shown this movie about London. Remembering all the things I saw there and all the information I got from this movie made me thinking – is all this true. Well, it seems it is.

Anyway, movie is worth watching. Enjoy.



Three days aren`t enough to see London but it will get you to the most important sights of the city.

Photo: Tower of London, ©Sandra Bortek

My friends and I had only one afternoon to see the London because the other two days we were at the handball matches at Olympic park. As I have already been to London I suggested that I guide them through the city. And so our adventure began.

Here you can find my recommendation of the 10 city sights that we saw on our route regarding how little of time we had.


1. TOWER BRIDGE & TOWER OF LONDON – Build in 1894. it is still the most impressive bridge in London.You can enter the bridge, climb 40 meters above and cross on the other side as in old times. We unfortunately didn`t have time for visiting (price £8.) The Tower of London is just beside the bridge. It it known as jail, but also as a place where royal jewels were hidden. You can go in and look around  (price £18.)

2. BIG BEN & HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT, WESTMINSTER ABBEY, LONDON EYE – These are the most common pictures from postcards and they are all close to each other. except London Eye that is on the opposite bank, but from Westminster bridge you have a nice view towards it. The drive is half a hour long. (Price from £17). The House of the Parliament is just aside the river Thames and it is known for the high tower with the watch and a great bell called Big Ben.

Big Ben is a nickname for 14 t heavy bell that is in the tower. The name was given by  Benjamin Hall – he was supervising construction in 1848.

Westminster abbey is the traditional place of coronation and burial site for English and later British monarchs. Lady Diana was buried here and Kate and prince Willam got married in this church… (Cijena 16 £.)

3. ST. JAMES PARK – BUCKINGHAM PALACE – Follow the Great George street and you`ll get to the St. James park that will lead you to the Buckingham Palace. It is a royal residency famous for its balcony – on this balcony Diana kissed prince Charles, and prince William kissed lovely Kate.

4. GREEN PARK – HYDE PARK – Just aside the Buckingham Palace we headed through the Green Park. If you wanna enjoy the greenery then you head of to the Hyde park that has a lake and you can rent a boat and have a nice drive. If you have something to say to the world come on Sunday to the Speakers` Croner and say it! This is an open area where public speak, discussions and debates are allowed.

5. PICCADILLY CIRCUS – After Hyde park we took a bus to the Piccadilly Circus known by the great neon signs and a statue of Eros in the middle of the square. This is a popular London meeting place.

6. TRAFALGAR SQUARE – After Piccadilly we went to see Trafalgar square (5 minutes walk) and admiral lord Nelson (he defeated Napoleon in 1805. by Trafalgar). He is guarded by four lions that you can limb on. We tried that, it wasn`t easy but when the crow started cheering we did it in a second. Any one can climb but be careful.

7. LEICESTER SQUARE – We left Nelson and lions and walked Charing Cross Road towards Leicester square where the Olympic medals were hanging on the trees. Each time one of the Brits won a medal, they hanged one. There are lots of cafes and restaurants here.

8. CHINA TOWN – Nearby Leicester square (north) you will find China Town and lots of asian restaurants and shops. Here we ran into a 57-year-old mr Chen Guanminga from east China who has been traveling for 2 years in order to spread Olympic spirit on his way. In his rickshaw he traveled 16 countries and more than 60,000 km on the way to London! Congratulations Mr Chen Guanming!

9. SOHO – Crossing the Shaftesbury Avenue you will get to Soho. We saw Soho park and walked through the Old Compton Street known as a gay street. You can`t miss all those men! If you want to have a good time, find good pub, go out or find a nice restaurant, Soho is the place for you.

10. OXFORD STREET – At this point we were tired like hell but we decided anyway to go the Regent Street and head of to the famous shopping street – Oxford street. This area is very nice during Christmas holiday so if you can come and visit London then. Regent street was decorated with world flags and we managed to find ours – Croatian.

At Oxford street we finished our London sight-seeing tour. We enjoyed relaxing in the parks every now and then.

We did use London tube but not as much as we could because we wanted to enjoy and feel London. (We bought one-day transportation ticket – £7.) We did a great route! Impressive, don`t you think?

London has so much to offer but for full experience you will need more time and enough money. Anyway London is great and don`t miss it!

Photography ©Sandra Bortek

More about London on Posvudusha:





I want to thank all my new and old friends that made my Olympic London visit unforgettable! And thank you London for having us!



Trodnevni izlet u London nikako nije dovoljan da zaista upoznate grad, ali je sasvim dovoljan da vidite neke od najznačajnijih znamenitosti Londona.

Photo: Tower of London, ©Sandra Bortek

Moja ekipa i ja imali smo svega jedno poslije podne za obilazak Londona. Ostalo vrijeme proveli smo unutar Olimpijskog parka i na utakmicama navijajući (a nešto sasvim malo u šopingu). Kako sam već imala priliku upoznati London predložila sam da obiđemo neke od znamenitosti koje zaista vrijedi vidjeti. I tako je krenula naša avantura.

Ovdje dajem preporuku 10 znamenitosti koje smo mi vidjeli na našoj ruti, a s obzirom na malo vremena nismo ulazili posebno u svaku.


1. TOWER BRIDGE & TOWER OF LONDON – Ne samo jedan od najljepših mostova već jedan od simbola Londona koji je za vrijeme Olimpijskih igara okrunjen olimpijskih krugovima.


Photography ©Sandra Bortek