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#Jordan #travel: Why do I blame Indiana Jones?

As a young naive girl I was fan of Indiana Jones movies. I was dreaming how I will travel the world and explore sights and discover new history. Then I saw a beautiful canyon Siq. It took me some time to discover that it was a road to the forgotten city of Petra in Jordan.

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For my friends that read only my text in English I decided to write a special story. Although you can see the picture you still can`t understand the whole beauty of this travel.

Well, to make it short. I have planed this trip for two months, although Morocco was on my mind for the past two years. It was my boyfriend who said “we are going!”. We found a great agency in Slovenia that makes adventure trips around the world, and Morocco had a great price so we didn`t want to go entirely alone. Friend of ours that we met on our trip to Cuba joined us. This really could be a story about  tree Croatians that met Slovenians in Morocco – international bonding you can say.

Fez, old medina

Our plan for Morocco was for 13 days – going to Fez, renting a car and then making a country trip of 2100 km and ending up it in Marrakesh. It looks damn hard and it was, but I have never taken my smile of the face 🙂

This is the route that we made on our trip:

Although at first it seemed like I was going to have language barrier (because I don`t speak Slovenian) it turned out to be a good thing because I can now say that I could be learning my 5-6 language! And we all had a good laugh hearing my version of Slovenian. Anyway, first two days we stayed in Fez seeing all the important sights: old medina, famous tanneries, entrance to the king`s palce, Mellah – the jew`s quarter, old medresas, bazaars/souks, as well a meeting a Moroccan cuisine that on the end disappointed all.

Moroccan Cuisine and practical advises

Although they really have a vast number of fruits and vegetables the only thing they will serve you is tagine (with or without meat), couscous (with or without meat), brochettes (different kinds of meat on the stick), kefte (meat balls), Moroccan pancakes (very good and cheap!) and Moroccan pastry that was so hard to find (in restaurants they usually served fruit).





In general, food is not expensive – breakfast is around 2-3 euros, lunch 4-6 euros, water (1,5 l) 6-8 Dh (less than euro), Coke and tea 5-15 Dh, and alcohol if you can find it – beer about 4-6 euros. You can`t find alcohol in Morocco except in the big supermarkets like in Fez, Marrakesh or other bigger cities. Kif (marijuana) is popular in the north parts in Chefchaouen where it is cultivated in the Rif mountains, although it is illegal you will see that the most of the people you meet use it.

Water is better to buy than to drink and it is recommended that you have same tablets that will make you better if you get diarrhea or other digestive problems.

What did we see on our trip?

1. Fez – vibrant city best known by tanneries in old medina.

Baghdadi square

Batha Museum

Chaouwara Tanneries

Royal Palace, Dar el-Makhzen

2. Volubilis – old Roman city best preserved in whole Morocco. It has very nice mosaics as well as good preserved hammams, villas, arches…

3. Moulay Idriss – The town was founded by Mohammed`s grandson Moulay Idriss who came to this part of Africa and founded the dynasty Idrissid. His tomb has the central part of the town. Not long time ago non-muslim tourist were forbidden to sleep over in the town.

4. Chefchaouen – the blue city. From Chefchaouen people go for trekking, exploring the Rif mountains (and marijuana fields). N

5. Merzouga and desert – we went for a camel trek to Erg Chebbi and slept over in Berber tents. With had a party around fire with Berbers untill late.

6. Skoura – sleeping in Kasbah. It is also called Oasis of 1000 palms.

7. Dades valley and gorge – we made a stop over and drove through the gorge. Great scenery!

8. Ait Ben Haddou – impressive old Kasbah used in many films. There are only 6 families living in the Kasbah and we slept by one. The town has no electricity and it is under UNESCO protections. Must see!

9. Geo park M`Goun –  beautiful natural bridge and tons of birds faeces. But very nice natural wonder!

10. Cascades d`Ouzoud – it is a real tourist retreat, not only for trekking but to relax and maybe swim under the waterfalls. There are number of restaurants as well as Berber camp just beneath the cascades.

11. Ourika Valley – it is a touristic area for the local people mostly from Marrakesh that come here to enjoy nature or to go trekking. The road goes all the way to Setti Fatma and after that only 4W jeep, quads or donkey are useful. To the last village in the high Atlas you would need about 8 hours (walk).

12. Marrakesh

It seems that we only stopped and look at the sights but we had so much more fun even through the long rides over the Atlas. During our trip we slept in hotels and hostels (called “dar” – it means house in arabic), kasbahs, with one family in traditional house and couple of nights in Berber tents. Price ranges from 7-20 euros per person per night and in some places you get dinner and breakfast.

What else? Well if you have questions about Morocco or my experience I`ll be glad to help.

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Life is too short just to think about the most beautiful places and destinations you would like to visit. To travel is like to breathe, to eat, to drink… it is not a habit it is a natural thing for humans.

Well, I feel pretty much like a human, besides I look like one! Ok, I love to travel, but I was thinking about my top 10 places that I would like to see before I die, or if you gave me a limited time on Earth, this would be my choice. I reserve the right to change my mind if I discover something better!


1. PETRA, Jordan – If you haven`t heard about this magnificent red (and forgotten) city in Jordan then you should check my travel blog about Jordan to just see the pictures if you can`t translate the text (I hope it will also be in English one day!). I have already been there, but would like to go again.

Photo credit: Sandra Bortek

2. VICTORIA FALLS, Zambia-Zimbabwe – This one of my favorite natural wonders that I would like to experience. It is believed that the first European to view the Falls was David Livingstone who gave the falls the name Victoria. Indigenous name of the falls is Mosi-oa-Tunya — literally meaning the Cloud that Thunders. The falls form the largest sheet of falling water in the world. Look at the picture, isn`t this wonderful?

Photo credit: i-pinz/ flickr

3. MACHU PICCHU, Peru – This is the famous South America’s archeological site. It is a City of Inca, situated in the mountains of Cusco region 2,430 m above the sea level. Although I want to see the city, I look forward to go for 3-4 day trekking and waking up just over the City.

Photo credit: mckaysavage/ flickr

4. MT KILIMANJARO, Tanzania – Well, to someone this would be a regular hike, but seeing the Kilimanjaro from the distance with his white cap on (snow in Africa!) it looks so appealing to me. I can see myself on the top of Africa. Scientists say that the snow cap is getting smaller due to the global warming, it seems that I should hurry with my plans.

Photo credit: Gary Craig/ flickr

5. GREAT WALL OF CHINA, China – This is incredible human work built along an east-to-west line across the historical northern borders of China. Seeing pictures, it must be great to walk the wall, to imagine the people who build it and the strength of the (past, present and future) Chinese Empire.

Photo credit: Pedronet/ flickr

6. GALAPAGOS ISLAND, Ecuador – these 13 islands make a living laboratory of evolution and a place where the animals have no fear of man. I can imagine how Charles Darwin was surprised seeing unique species.

Photo credit: David Cook Wildlife Photography

7. GRAND CANYON, USA – This is my number one thing that I would like to see in USA. There are couple more things but G.C., a gorge of Colorado River, makes me wanna scream: I wanna see that!

Photo credit: Pedronet/ flickr

8. NAMIBIAN DESERT – It is something that I find appealing in the desert sand and enjoying a view from the dunes, I know only from pictures how the biggest dune looks like, a how magical Namibian desert is. Hot for sure!

Photo credit: Dietmar Temps, Cologne/ flickr

9. MT EVEREST BASE CAMP, Nepal – I don`t feel like climbing Himalaya`s top, although I would like to see Mt Everest, my wish is to go trekking just to the base camp (just 5,380 m!). I`ll better start training if I want to climb that high!

Photo credit: Tom2008Tom/ flickr

10. RONDA, ANDALUSIA, Spain – I was making itinerary for trip to Andalusia (still waiting to go) when I found this beautiful town situated in the mountainous area. The Guadalevín River runs through the city, dividing it in two and carving out the steep, 100 plus meters deep El Tajo canyon upon which the city perches. Ronda has a great bullfighting tradition and it`s known as a home of a bullfighting (first bullring was built in Ronda in the late 18th century).

Photo credit: Jesse Varner/ flickr


A few days ago we confirmed our trip to Morocco. I can’t describe how much I am looking forward to this new adventure, because October seems so far away that I would like to speed up the time just to go – now or at least tomorrow.

Photo credit: susannah/sxc

I have been thinking about traveling to Morocco for a long time. Actually the offer of an adventurous trip with Slovenian travel agency Shappa seemed really interesting and I think we are getting „value for money“. After all, we love to travel independently, that`s why the budget and itinerary must be as we were traveling on our own. Although I believe that the independent travel is a much better way of traveling, it doesn`t mean that you shouldn`t use the services of those agencies that give you the good arrangement.
On our trip to Cuba, we met a wonderful people that seemed to be just a good company for our next adventure, and we mentioned to them our next trip. As for now, I think we could be going to Morocco with some of them and it makes me very happy. Of course, as it happens, when you mention that you are planning a trip, everyone would like with you. However, what I`ve learned is that I do not like when I am persuaded and I am not planning to do that to others. When I decide to travel, then I am going and anybody else how wants to go – can go.

What do I expect of my trip to Morocco? 13 days of adventure through the most beautiful parts of Morocco on the route: Fez – Volublilis and Moulay Idris – Chefchauen surroundings – the desert Merzuga – Dades – Ait Benhaddou – Ouzud – Ourika valley with views of the Atlas – Marrakech
We wanted the route to include trekking on the highest peak of Atlas – Toubkal (4167 m), but as we are going in late October, there will probably be snow, so we gave up this venture. What a shame!
If I marked the route right, it should look like this:

Well, you must be wondering what shall we be doing there? You know how the trip goes – we’ll see much of the country, visit the most important places and buildings on our road, we`ll enjoy the nature, go on the trekking trails, explore canyons, ride camels through the desert, sleep in the desert camp, and I’m sure that we won`t miss the good food, the drinks, a lot of fun and laughter and all followed with the Moroccan rhythms.
As the travel time will approach, I’ll bring you more information about my preparations and this wonderful country.