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Visiting Krka National Park

You have probably guessed that I love nature. If so, you were right. It`s amazing what nature can do! One of the great achievements of nature in Croatia is Krka National park – a protected area near Šibenik. Continue reading Visiting Krka National Park


#Dalmatia countryside in pictures

Every year I spend at least one week in Dalmatia, in one small village near Benkovac.

Every village was well populated before the war, today you can only see elderly people. In spite of all problems, things are changing, and people leave city life just to live without stress and to be closer to the nature. Continue reading #Dalmatia countryside in pictures

National park Krka #Croatia

Besides famous National park Plitvice Lakes, my favourite on is National Park Krka located near the city of Šibenik, Dalmatia.

The Krka National Park was named after river Krka and proclaimed in 1985. There is much to see in NP Krka but for sure, most famous (and crowded) is the site Skradinski buk.

It is easy to get there – just follow high way and get of in Skradin. There you will get on a boat that will take you to the entrance of the park. Continue reading National park Krka #Croatia

Where can you find the smallest cathedral in the world?

Do you think you know what is the smallest cathedral in the world? If your answer is the Church of the Holy Cross in Nin, Croatia, then you are real geek 🙂 Most of Croatians don`t know this.

Continue reading Where can you find the smallest cathedral in the world?

Awsome island Hvar

Last week I was on island Hvar visiting a cosy town Stari Grad.

Everybody talks about town Hvar, lot of celebrities go there (Demi Moore was there this weekend) and it is pretty expensive but you have to pay that image. Stari Grad on the other hand is less crowded, quite but with richer history and it is a great port for boats of all kind (and ones ten time bigger then my house!). Anyway, I had opportunity to get to know Stari Grad and I was amazed!

Stari Grad (Old Town) was the main settlement and founded somewhere in 4th century BC. The first polis was named Pharos (Greek name, later Romans called it Faria in mid 1st century BC, and Croats gave it its Slavic name Hvar).

In 13th century AD a new capital of the island became the modern town Hvar. To distinguish Old and New capital the old capital Hvar was given name Stari Grad (Old Town in English).