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When you have memories, you will always feel alive. Thank you Morocco!

Morocco from Stian Rekdal on Vimeo.


Some Fez Photos

Today was a sunny day in Zagreb, but once again I have stayed home to do some work. Work? Well, I did first check some photos on my hard and I could`t resist to share some. All photos were taken during my last trip to Morocco, and chosen are from old town Fez. Enjoy! Work? I can do it tomorrow…


As I remembered that there is a hotel that has rooms and a restaurant under water, I decided to research a bit and try to find the world hotels unique for its offer – no matter if it`s at special location, has interesting services, maybe unusual menu or a peculiar attraction. That is how I`ve found the Hotel Giraffe Manor in Kenya.


The Giraffe Manor is an exclusive boutique hotel located 20 kilometers from Nairobi, Kenya. It was built in 1930`s, modeled on the modelled on a Scottish hunting lodge and till today it has kept authentic charm. Today it is the only hotel in the world where a herd of giraffes (Rothschild species) inhabit the area around the hotel. Not only that, giraffes are attraction, but also a regular visitors of the hotel, and they often peek through the window with the hope that they will get some dessert.

With service that is really good – as people have testified on the travel forums – the only drawback is the price. Of course unless you are one of those who really want to enjoy the giraffes up close or one of those who are looking for unusual hotels like this. Price per room with full board service ranges from 662 US$ for single-bedded room, 973 US$ double-bedded and 1459 US$ for a triple room.
I would love to tell you much more about the hotel, but for real experience and vivid personal photos I`d have to go there. Until that happens, enjoy some photos that I`ve found…

The giraffe often peek through the window for the breakfast, actually they do it quite often!

“Knock-knock! Is anybody there?”


CROATIA VERSION: U potrazi za neobičnim hotelima


A few days ago we confirmed our trip to Morocco. I can’t describe how much I am looking forward to this new adventure, because October seems so far away that I would like to speed up the time just to go – now or at least tomorrow.

Photo credit: susannah/sxc

I have been thinking about traveling to Morocco for a long time. Actually the offer of an adventurous trip with Slovenian travel agency Shappa seemed really interesting and I think we are getting „value for money“. After all, we love to travel independently, that`s why the budget and itinerary must be as we were traveling on our own. Although I believe that the independent travel is a much better way of traveling, it doesn`t mean that you shouldn`t use the services of those agencies that give you the good arrangement.
On our trip to Cuba, we met a wonderful people that seemed to be just a good company for our next adventure, and we mentioned to them our next trip. As for now, I think we could be going to Morocco with some of them and it makes me very happy. Of course, as it happens, when you mention that you are planning a trip, everyone would like with you. However, what I`ve learned is that I do not like when I am persuaded and I am not planning to do that to others. When I decide to travel, then I am going and anybody else how wants to go – can go.

What do I expect of my trip to Morocco? 13 days of adventure through the most beautiful parts of Morocco on the route: Fez – Volublilis and Moulay Idris – Chefchauen surroundings – the desert Merzuga – Dades – Ait Benhaddou – Ouzud – Ourika valley with views of the Atlas – Marrakech
We wanted the route to include trekking on the highest peak of Atlas – Toubkal (4167 m), but as we are going in late October, there will probably be snow, so we gave up this venture. What a shame!
If I marked the route right, it should look like this:

Well, you must be wondering what shall we be doing there? You know how the trip goes – we’ll see much of the country, visit the most important places and buildings on our road, we`ll enjoy the nature, go on the trekking trails, explore canyons, ride camels through the desert, sleep in the desert camp, and I’m sure that we won`t miss the good food, the drinks, a lot of fun and laughter and all followed with the Moroccan rhythms.
As the travel time will approach, I’ll bring you more information about my preparations and this wonderful country.

Lion Picture – National Geographic Photo of the Day

It would be a shame not to share this photo.

Lions cubs, Kenya / Photograph by Brandon Harris


Photograph by Brandon Harris