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The (Secret) City of London

I was shown this movie about London. Remembering all the things I saw there and all the information I got from this movie made me thinking – is all this true. Well, it seems it is.

Anyway, movie is worth watching. Enjoy.



When you have memories, you will always feel alive. Thank you Morocco!

Morocco from Stian Rekdal on Vimeo.


Spain is still on my list of destination that I want to visit. But not just visit rather to explore every part of it. My favorite spanish destinations are Madrid, Barcelona and Andalusia. If you have time, enjoy this movie about beautiful Spain.

Copyright: Turespana


I know a guy that organizes Croatian Trekking League and much more. He raced some of the greatest trekking and adventure races in the world and still does it for fun. This year in October he went to Morocco to run Atlas Ultra Trail 2012 (100 km). His name is Šimun Cimerman and I present to you his movie about Moroccan adventure.

Be aware! After seeing this you will either love trekking and adventure or you will say that all the trekkers are crazy for doing this. This is a funny story, in Croatian and English, about a man who went to Morocco not only to run but to promote great 100 km race in Croatia – Velebit Ultra Trek 2013. Yes, this is also my invitation to all of you that look for adventure to come to Croatia and enjoy our nature. You don`t have to run 100 km, you can do shorter runs 10, 30 or 50 km. For more information check out the web sites of Trekking league or Adventure Race.


You can guess only once! Yes, this movie is about Portugal. I think that anyone that watches this movie will fall in love with Portugal. Look at the pictures, nature scene, the cities, you can almost feel the breeze in your hair… I had a feeling like I was there… If I had any doubt of visiting Portugal, now I am sure that it is on my travel list. Hope you will enjoy the movie.

Production: Krypton
Music: Nuno Maló
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