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We imagine Bali – idyllic beaches, volcanic peaks, hundreds of Hindu temples, rice fields and high coconut palms, which are swinging in the breeze. A dream came true.

This was our first trip to faraway destination. Literally, we traveled almost 24 hours! Some things in life are really worth the effort because in the end the reward is much greater.
Why did we choose Bali? We wanted to go to warm climate where we could relax and find enough activities to fill the time. Although we had many plans and desires, some things we had to sacrifice. However, I do not regret a single moment spent in this tourist paradise.

What do I think you should know?

Although Indonesia is the most populated Muslim country (90% of people are Muslims), in Bali 90% are Hindu. Bali is a tourist island, and in contrast to the rest of Indonesia is quite tame. Tourists are more than welcome here, and everything is generally set to serve them. Despite the tragedies (two bombings 2002 in Kuta and 2005 in Kuta and Jimbaran), Bali is a safe place for tourists. If you’re polite, if you avoid suspicious sites and follow the law, you really won`t have problems. Most rigorous part of the law is the death penalty for possessing or using drugs, and you will hardly get away with “not knowing” about it because there are big signs already at the airport.
Top hotels, endless sandy beaches ideal for surfers (no sharks, unlike the Australian beach), lots of night clubs, and countless places for good shopping – are the main advantages of this island. If I should go to Bali today, I would bring with me only a backpack and a few basic things (of course the camera and money), and everything else I would buy there and renew my wardrobe. There are things that you can buy at affordable prices, and for that you don`t have to bother to go to the market but you can instead take advantage of discounts in the shopping malls. For example, we bought for our friends shirts for about 2-4$ per piece. Of course, shopping at the market means you need to bargain. Extremely low-income (100-300 $ / month) means that all the services you need you can get cheaper. For a decent amount of money you will be able to eat in good restaurants, and if you want to save money then you will actually spend a little. We ate at a restaurant for example for 15 $ including: appetizer, main course, dessert and two drinks for two people. Of course, you decide how much of the budget you are willing to spend on food and my advice is to decide that in advance.

The weather and stay?

If you are looking for cheap flights then you will travel in the off-season, although the chances for the bad weather are higher. However, the number 1 reason why to go to Bali is a tropical climate softened by the breezes from the ocean and the dry period that lasts almost nine months! The rainy season runs roughly from December to March and is characterized by frequent rain and high humidity. Dry part of the year records only short showers.
From the stories of my friends and unknown passengers, I can confirm that it is now difficult to define the dry and wet periods. Many acquaintances travel when they shouldn`t and despite the weather predictions they had a nice weather. Of course, it is certain that you will have more chances for a better travel when there are more favorable weather conditions.

A few tips

Save on the airline ticket – book a few months earlier, out of the season date
Weather conditions – if that is important, choose dry periods and avoid wet period (note the season of the destination you are visiting)
Shopping – on Bali shopping is a great opportunity, no matter whether you are buying in stores or open markets.
Food – do not be afraid of trying. The flavors are familiar, and perhaps a bit exotic (peanut sauce with chicken) and enjoy
Money – carry the euro or U.S. dollar, with the note that you need to have new dollar bills. Before the trip, check which course is better.