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#Jordan #travel: Why do I blame Indiana Jones?

As a young naive girl I was fan of Indiana Jones movies. I was dreaming how I will travel the world and explore sights and discover new history. Then I saw a beautiful canyon Siq. It took me some time to discover that it was a road to the forgotten city of Petra in Jordan.

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When you have memories, you will always feel alive. Thank you Morocco!

Morocco from Stian Rekdal on Vimeo.

Trekking Ligue 2013 (and a bit of Morocco)

It is a right time to make new life decision or at least for the next year. Since I got a new running shoes I will have to run miles and miles before I can say I can`t do it or anything similar!

tenfeNew Croatian Trekking calendar is out and it is time for all you trekkers to plan your visit to Croatia. Explore, enjoy and meet new people. It is all about fun, and yes maybe you will be our next winner. Check out the list of the trekking events and for any questions just contact the organizer.

My plan for the next year is impressive. I plan to attend running school in Zagreb, maybe prepare my self for the autumn half-marathon but mostly for the trekking. I hope to get in shape for the year 2014 🙂 and stay fit and healthy.

Thinking of the new events I have just remembered my trek in Morocco around Cascades d`Ouzoud. We walked almost all day through the mountains, canyon and forests. We stopped for lunch in the Mexican village (I still don`t get it why it is called like this since only Berbers live there!) I caught the cold that day because I got wet from the rain, we climbed the slippery rocks in order to get to some small cave, to see the wild monkey… But the most important thing was that no one got hurt!

In Morocco I had three trekking experience (Chefchaouen, Cascades d`Ouzoud and near Setti Fatma plus if you count camel trek in the desert). I still miss climb to Toubkal and hopefully I will get back to Morocco just to climb Jebel Toubkal at 4167 m! I leave you some photos from my trekking experience.


maroko trek2

maroko trek4

maroko trek3

maroko trek6

maroko trek5

maroko trek7

Chefchaouen Blues


All that white snow and grey street of Zagreb make me hate winter. I miss sunny days, I miss Moroccan “Inshallah” meaning “what ever happens, happens”. (Literally it means “it`s God`s will”). I miss days with no stress, no hurry and no worry.

I feel serene just looking at this picture and remembering that early morning while the streets were quite and calm. Well, that kind of days are yet to come – again…

Some Fez Photos

Today was a sunny day in Zagreb, but once again I have stayed home to do some work. Work? Well, I did first check some photos on my hard and I could`t resist to share some. All photos were taken during my last trip to Morocco, and chosen are from old town Fez. Enjoy! Work? I can do it tomorrow…