Visiting Krka National Park

You have probably guessed that I love nature. If so, you were right. It`s amazing what nature can do! One of the great achievements of nature in Croatia is Krka National park – a protected area near Šibenik.

Although this is not the biggest Croatian national park it`s still something you have to see. Krka NP was proclaimed in 1985 covering 142 km².  In 1997 the Croatian Parliament revised the park boundaries making it smaller (today it covers 109km²). Anyway, we have still protected this area so we can all enjoy river Krka.

River Krka is a natural and karst phenomenon.  Seven travertine waterfalls of the Krka River are the fundamental phenomenon of this river that springs near Knin, under the Topoljski slap waterfall, and after flowing 72.5 km, drains into the Adriatic Sea at Šibenik. If visiting this part of Dalmatia there is no excuse not to come here. Chose any day to explore NP Krka and don`t forget to take your swimming suite as it is allowed to swim under the waterfall Skradinski buk – it`s that beautiful photo that everybody makes.

Skradinski buk
Swimming under Skradinski buk waterfall

How to get there?

The Krka River flows through the Šibenik-Knin County (Dalmatian region). The nearest towns are Šibenik, Skradin, Knin. It`s easily accessible via highway (you will see signs of NP and exit from the highway).

Krka NP has a couple of entrances and it just depend how you plan to get there and what would you like to see. If you are a first time visitor then I`d suggest going to the entrance Skradin or Lozovac. At entrance Skradin you have to take boat (it`s free) that will take you to the entrance Skradinski buk. You can buy ticket in Skradin or when you get to Skradinski buk. Parking is about 40kn /day and make sure you stroll through Skradin as it is very nice coastal town. At Lozovac you have a free parking and from there the bus will take you to the Skradinski buk waterfall.

On the boat to Visovac Island
On the boat to Visovac Island

For other entrances please check official web pages of Krka National Park – Park Entrances

What to see?

Krka National Park has seven travertine waterfalls. Skradinski buk is the most popular one so here you can expect more people as they also stay here all they swimming under the fall.

skradinski buk waterfall view
Skradinski buk waterfall – view

If you have more time, I can suggest going on a boat excursion to the Visovac monastery and Roški slap (waterfall). It`s payed extra 130 kn and the whole trip lasts for 4 hours. At Visovac you have a short guided tour (you stay there for about half an hour) and then you continue to the Roški slap where you have 1,5 hour before the boat takes you back. There you have a nice walking trail that takes you to the series of small cascades (called a “necklace” by the locals).  For the best view of these cascades follow the Oziđana pećina – cave but have in mind that you have to take 517 steps if you want to reach the cave itself.

Me climbing the steps to Oziđana pećina
Me climbing the steps to Oziđana pećina

Costa and I went there. I remember I noticed the sign about the steps but I thought that it must be the hight of the hill (imagine climbing the 500 m! Silly me!) It was around 2PM and it was probably the hottest day of June but we were so excited that we`re finally exploring this national park that we didn’t over think it. It was worth seeing! Make sure you have a bottle of water with you (or don`t go up)!

The view over Necklace cascades
The view over Necklace cascades

Also important – have in mind you have 1,5 hour before the boat leaves. We are runners and in good shape so we managed to climb, walk, take pictures and we saw it all. 🙂

What else?

Everything is well-organized in the park and the trails are marked.  There are restaurants and cafes. Carry your bottle of water that you can refill. You can bring sandwich if you`d rather have your own food.

Dogs are permitted in the park (except on Visovac island) but must be on a leash and during transport (bus and boat), they must have a muzzle.

Entry fee – Skradinski buk:

  • Jul, Aug – 150 kn (20eur)
  • Apr, May, Jun, Sep, Oct – 110 kn
  • Jan, Feb, Mar, Nov, Dec – 30 kn

Check >> Full price list

Boat trip to Roški slap - waterfall
Boat trip to Roški slap – waterfall

And please, take care of our nature! If you are not sure what you are not allowed to do, here is the info from the NP Krka:

In Krka National Park, visitors are not permitted to bathe outside of clearly marked bathing areas, to dive or fish using a spear gun/harpoon, to recreationally fish without a permit, to hunt, catch, frighten or disturb wild game or other animal species, to pick or damage indigenous plants, to break or damage travertine, to take photographs for commercial purposes without approval, to travel by motor vehicle along roads on which travel is forbidden or limited without approval, to camp or light fires outside of clearly marked areas, to dispose of waste and to pollute springs and watercourses, to move along travertine barriers outside the clearly marked trails and to walk dogs without a leash.

Awww! Amazing Krka river!
Awww! Amazing Krka river!

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