Why visit National Park Plitvice Lakes in Croatia?

So I have been in National park Plitvice Lakes several times in the last month (I have stopped counting after my sixth visit), and after seeing all that natural beauty, I can only tell you – you should`t miss it!

Usually before deciding where to go, I believe we all look for reasons why you should visit Plitvice and what others think of it, that`s why I will try to summarize what you can expect if you decide to come to Croatia and want to see this natural phenomenon.

Lake Kozjak
Lake Kozjak
  • National park Plitvice lakes is the biggest and the oldest Croatian national park, proclaimed in 1949. Recently it has become the most visited park in Croatia as well.
  • Since 1979. park is listed on UNESCO list of natural heritage. So it must be worth seeing. Anyway if you are fan of UNESCO sites in general, you should know that we have couple of more world heritage sites that we are proud of.
  • Plitvice Lakes are a natural phenomenon. You can rarely see this type of tufa barriers as there are many natural factors needed (supersaturated water with dissolved calcium carbonate, splashing, climate, algae, bacteria…) The process of tufa formation dates far back into geologic history (some 6000-7000 years ago)
Waterfalls on the Upper Lakes
Waterfalls on the Upper Lakes
  • There are 16 lakes that can be seen. The Upper and the Lower lakes. The Upper lakes are a system of 12 lakes conected with beautiful cascades. The two biggest lakes (Kozjak and Prošćansko lake) are in this part. On the lake Kozjak you can take a boat ride. The Upper Lakes have many great sights and waterfalls and many paths you can walk on. The Lower lakes consist of four lakes. Maybe the best known attraction in this part is the Great Waterfall.
  • The Great Waterfall with 78 meters is the highest waterfall in Croatia.
The Big Waterfall
The Big Waterfall
  • My favorite attraction of the park is the cave Šupljara. This cave has no roof and bottom, and there is a vertical passageway for visitors. Usually it`s opened and you can access it from the lower part (near Great Waterfall) or from the top (on the way from entrance 1 to the first bus station).
  • The price of the entrance ticket varies depending of the tourist season. Although most of the visitors come during July and August, I can suggest visiting park in the pre- and postseason. The high-season price is 180 kn (24 eur), pre/post-season 110 kn (15 eur) and from November to March 55 kn (7 eur) Check out for discount for students and kids!
The Upper Lakes
The Upper Lakes
  • Awesome photos – if you wish to have a selfie that everyone will envy on, this is the place! Prepare you batteries, flashcards, whatever because you won`t believe your eyes that these are all true colors of the nature.

Once the people of this land looked up to nature with deep awe and perhaps fear, calling this land ‘the devil’s gardens’, because of the dense, hard to penetrate woods or because of the Turkish Empire frontier. Legends were woven about this isolated and unexplored area, tales were told about the Black Queen, Fairies of the Lake, freezing-cold winters, mountain giants and wild forest creatures. (Source: NP Plitvice Lakes)

Extra tip

Get early as you can so you can have park for you self and to avoid high temperatures and sun.

Bring with you a bottle of water that you can refill on you way. If the weather seems tricky take a small umbrella or a raincoat (the small ones).

Make your self a sandwich. There are restaurants that offer food and drinks but when you start walking you will easily get hungry.

Before entering the Park, go to the Information office and ask what is the situation in the park (are all attractions reachable) or to ask for advice what route to take depending on you free time.

Take care of our park so others after you can enjoy it as well.

Don`t be lazy – walk as much as you can. 😉

Have fun exploring Croatia!

Lake Kozjak
Lake Kozjak

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