Running, jogging and walking tours in Zagreb

How to #beactive and explore #Zagreb at the same time? Try #running or jogging #citytour in the capital of #Croatia!

My travel & tourism story goes way back to my university times and although I had successfully worked in other fields, somehow my path always turned me back to big T.

Last year I decided to get licence for guiding in Zagreb. I thought – I live here, I like it, I write, I love to talk – so why not share this with tourist! So I have started a new journey with a few friends and my husband. We had an idea, we were enthusiastic (and still are) and step by step we`ve managed to launch our website offering active tours in Zagreb.

Have fun running or jogging through Zagreb!

Run Zagreb city tours
Run Zagreb city tours

We are all runners, but what is more important each of us has some skills that we need. Our idea is not something revolutionary, but we know that we are unique. We are specialized in running and jogging tours in Zagreb. We have a guiding licence but more important is that we constantly explore and learn new things about Zagreb. We just love this idea and I`m sure that if you ever run with us, you will feel that we enjoy running through Zagreb.


So, what is your next step? Join us on our social pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, leave us a comment, share, and tell us if you have ever been to Zagreb!

Check out our web pages, find your tour or tell us if you want something different. It`s time to feel Zagreb in an active and fun way!

See you!



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