Vote for Zagreb as the best European Christmas destination

The website European Best Destinations has nominated 20 European Christmas Markets, and one of them is my home town Zagreb!

Wow, I am so excited and happy that you all can be part of this competition, and maybe give your vote to Zagreb. If you have ever been to Zagreb, I am sure you already know what Zagreb can offer, but if you plan to visit it this winter, I am sure you will enjoy every bit of it.

Tomislav square iceskating
Photo: Tomislav square, Zagreb Tourist Board, Julien Duval

The Christmas in Zagreb is special cause we all enjoy market stalls, christmas trees and christmas lights that make evenings in Zagreb so romantic. And that is not all. From the last year we have big ice-skating ring on our Tomislav square and it will really drive you into Christmas spirit.

If you need more reasons to visit Zagreb, I suggest that you read at europeanbestdestinations website why Zagreb has been shortlisted as one of the best Christmas destinations in Europe. Afterwards go to the voting page Best Christmas Markets and choose your favorite one (you know which one 🙂 )

Zagreb invites you to enjoy Christmas spirit through lights, fun, food, singing and all kinds of entertainment for kids, families, couples.

zrinjevac zagreb christmas
Photo: Zrinjevac, Zagreb Tourist Board, Julien Duval


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