#Dalmatia countryside in pictures

Every year I spend at least one week in Dalmatia, in one small village near Benkovac.

Every village was well populated before the war, today you can only see elderly people. In spite of all problems, things are changing, and people leave city life just to live without stress and to be closer to the nature.

I could see myself living in the serenity of Dalmatia. I would make my olive oil, have my little garden, I`d collect wild plants and herbs, make tours with tourist so they can learn about history, culture or to see adventurous side of the inner Dalmatia… Who knows what will happen one day…

The part of the old stone wall
A basket full of fruits
A view from the old fortress in Benkovac
Locals have sheeps for milk, cheese and meat
Beautiful nature…
Somewhere near river Zrmanja

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