National park Krka #Croatia

Besides famous National park Plitvice Lakes, my favourite on is National Park Krka located near the city of Šibenik, Dalmatia.

The Krka National Park was named after river Krka and proclaimed in 1985. There is much to see in NP Krka but for sure, most famous (and crowded) is the site Skradinski buk.

It is easy to get there – just follow high way and get of in Skradin. There you will get on a boat that will take you to the entrance of the park.

If you decide to visit other attractions like the waterfalls Roški slap, the island Visovac with monastery, Burnum amphitheater you will have to find your way there and buy another ticket. Best thing is to check web site of the National park Krka.

Krk waterfalls
Skradinski buk
The National Park Krka is not just the place of beautiful nature, it is a home of cultural and historical heritage that shouldn`t be missed.

Did you know?

On the river Krka, 4 hydroelectric plants have been constructed and they represent exceptionally valuable industrial architecture monuments. Three are still in function today.

The fourth one, HE Krka at Skradinski buk is the oldest one and you can se the remnants of it. Due to its historical significance, the plant is a monument of industrial architecture, and is protected as a cultural good of the Republic of Croatia.

This hydroelectric plant was built and started working in 1895 (just two days after Tesla`s hydroelectric plant on Niagara Falls). It was then when the first complete electricity system was built in Croatia and the city of Šibenik got electricity before many European cities (like Vienna, Rome, London).

River Krka (Skradinski buk)
Cruising to the entrance
Skradinski buk waterfalls
Old mills

My mother was born in one village some 30 km from the Park. Some 50 years ago, when she was a child, her family used to come here bringing wheat so they could make flour. Today you can still see old mills and learn about the life in the past.

For more information, opening hours and tickets visit National Park Krka official pages.


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