Zlatni rat: Golden Cape on island Brac #Croatia

Zlatni rat is famous beach on island Brač. It is not just the beach, it`s a natural phenomena where sandy cape (beach) shifts influenced by winds, current and tides.


Composed from a white pebble this beach, tourist seem to love it. I think it is more of prestige so you can say you were in Bol, cause there are many great places to take a swim or lay in the sun –  not only on island Brac, but all over Adriatic coast.


If you are looking for clear water, nice weather, places to go out and to eat great local food, be sure to find right place for you. Some island towns can be quite and serene, some are great for sailors that search safe harbour, others are well know by summer parties (like Hvar on island Hvar)

The tallest peak of island Brac is Vidova gora (Mt. St. Vid) stands on 778 m and it is the highest island point in the Adriatic.

Golden Cape
Zlatni rat on island Brač from the air

What you should know about island Brac?

It is worth mentioning:

  • the largest island in Dalmatia, and the third largest in the Adriatic
  • great tourist destination
  • taste great wines, cheese and olive oil
  • you can find airport on the island – Bol Airport
  • a white stone that can be found on island was used in building Diocletian’s Palace in Split and the Canadian National Vimy Memorial
  • in Bol there is good kiteboarding and surfing spot
  • Pustinja Blaca – The hermitage was originally established in 1551 by two Glagolitic monks, and continued by successive generations of monks until 1963 with the death of Father Niko Miličević. It can only be reached on foot
Pustinja blaca 03 panzoom
Pustinja Blaca

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