Kiteboarding in Croatia

Croatia has great #kiteboarding spots. If you doubt it, make a visit to the beach Ždrijac in Nin (Zadar county).

This autumn I have finally decided to try out kiteboarding. I have been watching my boyfriend for years now, how he enjoys it, I wanted to try it for myself and make it happen.


Choosing Kiteboarding school Croatia and meeting Daniel was my best decision. It is true that the first feeling you get meeting someone is the right one, because meeting Daniel you can see that he does this cause he loves it (and live it). Daniel and his crew give you much more and that`s why people always come back to Ždrijac.

IMG_8972Ždrijac is a great sandy beach. On the one side of the beach is a shallow lagoon and on the other side open see with the view on the mountain Velebit. It is because of the Velebit, this spot has a lot of windy days (bura – it is the name of the wind) and you learn fast why kiters and surfers just love Ždrijac.  Because of the shallow waters on the both sides of the beach, it is great place for beginners, and there is really no need for the rescue boat (like for the kiters in Bol on the island Brač).

Ždrijac beach

If you are not kiter, only thing you will miss on this beach is shadow, because there is no trees, and only bar at the moment is by the road. Generally, part of the beach is reserved and is a kiting zone so swimming isn`t allowed. But the beach is very long and you will find your place under the sun.


You can bring your dog, but make sure he is on the leash and that you pick his mess. You wouldn`t want your dog to make some damaged on the kites that are on the beach, yes?

And finally – yes I have managed to pick my kite up, I have even managed to put the board on my feet, and I know now what is the feeling when the kite lifts you up, and drags you 🙂 I had my moments and I can`t wait better weather to go back I try to do more than 5 sec on the board. It is not so hard, but as everything – you have to do it again and again till you do it.


If you decide to go to Kiteboarding school Croatia you will get everything – kite, board, neoprene suite (if needed), teacher… You just have to say you want to try. For the prices and questions, contact Daniel from  Kiteboarding school Croatia



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