#Jordan #travel: Why do I blame Indiana Jones?

As a young naive girl I was fan of Indiana Jones movies. I was dreaming how I will travel the world and explore sights and discover new history. Then I saw a beautiful canyon Siq. It took me some time to discover that it was a road to the forgotten city of Petra in Jordan.

Indiana (aka Harrison Ford) rode fast through the Siq and suddenly he came in front of the beautiful temple carved in to the red rock. He went inside and found a great lost treasure… Yeah, I wished… It was only the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade but for me it was just enough to dream that one day I will go there to see all that for myself. And I did, but there was no gold, only empty space. The real treasure, as I then found out, was the lost city of Petra itself.

Al Khazneh (Treasury)

Those who have already discovered this wonderful UNESCO site will tell you that the main site Al Khazneh (Treasury) is the first thing you see but maybe not the best thing you will find in Petra. Petra is much more!

Ad Deir – The Monastery

My favorite thing in Petra is Ad Deir – The Monastery to wich you have to climb stone carved stairs (about half-our of easy walk) but it is something you have to see. There you will find a place to drink mint tea and enjoy the view.

The way to the lost city of Petra

If you have more time, think about trekking around Petra for two days to explore all the sights that it can offer. You won`t regret it!

If you are looking for a good travel guide book I love those from Lonely Planet so I would suggest getting Lonely Planet Jordan (Travel Guide) . This is my first option, a second one would be The Rough Guide to Jordan.

Exploring Jordan

Further more, Petra was just on of my stops through the Jordan (but of course No #1 thing to see) and we had plans to see much more of the country. There I fell in love with the desert, sand, the bedouins, with silence, with night and the million stars, I was so small and overwhelmed. This was also my first trip to one Arabic country and it blew away all my fears of traveling.

Me on the Mt Nebo 🙂


No, I did`t see all I wanted to see, but still this was just enough for my 8-day trip.

So what did I see? Try visiting ruins of the old city of Jerash. I would suggest Mt Nebo which is mentioned in the Bible. Allegedly this was the place from which Moses saw his Promised Land before he died. From the summit you can see his Holy Land – today Israel.

The old city of Jerash

Amman is the capital city (about 4 mil people), so you will probably fly here. Explore it a bit, it has some interesting things and spots to visit.

Wadi Rum desert

Find you adventure

Wadi Rum desert is my second best thing in Jordan. Find you bedouin camp and spend a night there. Go for a jeep safari and ride a camel through the desert (or fly in the balloon!). I think you will love this red desert! Enjoy in the sunset that will paint the desert in most beautiful colors with every minute you stay there. Climb a dune or a high rock for a great views.

A jeep safari? Why not!?
With the jeeps head in to the desert!
Me and my new friend 🙂
A camel ride!

If you head further south to Aqaba, Red Sea is great for snorkeling or diving, so don`t miss to jump in to the water!

I almost forgot! Dead Sea! Yes, yes, yes, you must try swimming in it, because you can! You float because of the high percentage of salt. It is the deepest hypersaline lake in the world and the Earth’s lowest elevation on land (its surface and shores are 429 metres below sea level)! Be sure not to jump in it or dive because your eyes will hurt real bad!

Dead Sea

I know this is a short story about Jordan, but I think you got the picture why Indiana Jones is the guilty one in this story. He made me go to Jordan and I will never forget it. And yes, I would go there again 🙂

A sunset in the Wadi Rum desert



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