If you are planing a visit to #Croatia here are a couple of tips why #Zagreb is the city you should visit no matter what part of year you choose.

The capital of Croatia

Yes, if you didn`t know, now you do – Zagreb is the capital of Croatia. It is also the biggest and the most populated city of the country (about 790.000). It is a cultural, business and political center of Croatia, as well as educational center with the biggest university in Croatia.

The main city square, Ban Josip Jelačić square

A unique city with much to offer

Zagreb is proud to have lot of parks, Medvednica mountain where you can ski in the winter or run, hike (and bike) through the year. Zagreb is situated on the banks on river Sava that divides old and new city.

Lake Jarun

Sport center and lake Jarun, lake Bundek, as well as park Maksimir are great places if you are an active tourist. In park Maksimir you can also find a ZOO and I am sure your kids will love it! There are many running/walking trail to enjoy.

Vidikovac (“viewpoint”) in the park Maksimir

Every year on the streets of Zagreb there are more and more bikers, and city improves biking roads (hopefully one day it will be perfect). On couple of spots in Zagreb you can rent a city bike Next bike but make sure you don`t drive it in the walking zones in the center.

Park Zrinjevac, N.Š. Zrinski square

Festivals and events

I remember how Zagreb used to be quite during the summer, but now you can find many events that attract not only local people but also the tourists. Yes, summer is better on the coast, but it doesn`t mean you can`t stop in Zagreb for a few days and enjoy it as well!

INmusic festival is probably the most famous festival and you can plan it for 2016 – 20th-26th of June. See official page INmusic >>>

Check out the official Zagreb web pages for the list of the events through the year.

The best time to visit

As I said – a city for all seasons depending what you prefer. Generally for sightseeing (regarding temperatures and weather) you should probably choose spring or autumn. July and August tend to be very hot, but you never know!

In winter you can expect snow. In the last years even climate changed so one year we have warm winter with some snow, other we have a real white Christmas. Check weather forecast before coming.

zagreb in winter
Tomislav square in winter

Any way, winter can be really romantic and you can enjoy Christmas fair in the center of Zagreb. (Last year we had ice skating on the Tomislav square!) If there is snow in Zagreb and on Medvednica, you can always go for a skiing (or snowboarding) day on the top. We have maintained ski area (white, green, blue, red – not so long but it will be enough) and there are some accommodation on the top where you can sleep over. In January Zagreb hosts World Ski Cup slalom race for ladies and men – VIP SNOW QUEEN TROPHY and in those days ski slopes are not open for public.

Where to eat in Zagreb?

Well this is a good theme for another post with more details. Zagreb has tons of restaurants of any range. You can eat for about 5-10 euro but you will also find more expensive places. Yes, you can find McDonalds, KFC, fast food points… but why not try something local? You can always buy yourself something in the local stores that you can find almost anywhere.

We in Zagreb love to drink coffee and spend time in cafés. And we can do that the whole day! So, be part of our culture and find your favorite café and enjoy your drink while soaking up atmosphere. I suggest cafés around Cvjetni square, Bogoviceva street and Tkalciceva street.

If you need guide books you can check Lonely Planet Croatia (Travel Guide) or you can look for a travel guide (Kindle Edition) Zagreb in 3 Days (Travel Guide 2015): What to Do in 72 Hours in Zagreb: An Hour by Hour Perfect.

Next time more info! If you are coming to Zagreb and you have a question, feel free to contact me. Maybe we can meet for a cup of coffee 🙂

Cvjetni square
Cvjetni square

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