How we hacked our trip to Madrid

Since I have started running, every plan to visit one destination goes with question – is there any race? That`s how we planed our trip to Madrid, we rented a cheap and suitable appartement via , bought the plane tickets and went on adventure!

How we hacked our trip

Ok, you have already heard airbnb site where you can find private accommodation. But did you know that when you register for the first time you can get discount on your first booking? We got 40 euro off. And that`s not all! If you recommend this site to your friends, on their first booking you again get some credits, and they will get their first discount! You can register here on airbnb and find your destination!


Finding a cheap airplane tickets is always “fun” because it can be either cheapest or most expensive part of you trip. If you can`t find low cost airline from you airport, make sure to check out other airports nearby. For example – we live in Zagreb, but instead flying from Zagreb with stop overs, we decided to fly from Vienna because Iberia had direct and cheaper flight. Since there where ten of us, we took two cars, shared the travel costs to Vienna and back. Sometimes the cost of a plane ticket + travel cost to near by airport is cheaper than flying from the closer one.

Once in the city, Madrid, consider buying a return tickets for buses or metros, its is always cheaper than one way ticket.

If you plan to go to Madrid to Rock`n Roll marathon, this year we had a discount on daily metro tickets (tickets for 5 days) – cheaper than usual. Check out for other happenings in Madrid, maybe they will have the same deal.


Eating and drinking in Madrid

Well, this is also fun, but Madrid has so much to offer! Look out for the daily deals in small bistros and restaurants. For the breakfast you can always find coffee + meal for about 5 euros. One exploring city, try pinchos, you can find them on special deals for 1 euro. Some restaurants/bistros or museo de jamon give you food when you order a beer. Nice way to drink and take a bit of local delights (jamon, cheese, morcillas, sandwiches…)

If you`d like to try different food, don`t miss local markets where you can find almost anything – from meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, sweets…


A day for sightseeing

Some museums get you free entry on specific days and in specific hours. If you don`t mind the crowds, this is the cheapest way to say – I was there. 🙂

Some things that are worth seeing are always free, so if you are in Madrid check out this places: Parque del Buen Retiro, Atocha Railway Station, Madrid’s largest open air flea market ‘El Rastro’ on Sunday…



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