The best night run in Zagreb

If you ever plan to visit Zagreb sometime in late August, try not to miss the best night race – night marathon!

The runners will for sure be excited to know that night marathon like this one exists in Zagreb, and even if they are just visiting Zagreb as a tourist, a great race like this one shouldn`t be missed.

You are not a runner? It doesn`t matter, because this is an event that isn`t just for professional runners, or beginners. This is an event where every runner needs your support, and to see more than 1000 happy people running the banks of river Sava is incredible experience. Not to say to take some great photos!


This year, Grawe Night Marathon was held on 29th of August, and that day was a full moon. Although only 2nd edition even the organizational team was surprized with the number of participants.


A night marathon? Well, it`s a race, but there were a few distance races that you could have run: full marathon (42 km), 3/4 of marathon (30 km), half marathon (21), 1/4 of marathon (10 km), and even tenth of marathon (4,2 km). So yes, this is a race that anyone can participate and get a wonderful medal and happy memories from Zagreb.


Last year I was there as a runner and I ran 21 km. This year I was there as a volunteer and I had a such a great time. There is not a better way to support runners than to give them a glass of water, some sweets or just to give them a smile and a few words. (I know how much it means to me when I run!). We stood there on the refreshment point for 7 hours. Yes we did miss a lot of fun that was happening in the park Bundek (on the other bank of river Sava was start/finish point), but I would do it all over again!

So, next year, end of August – see you in Zagreb on the 3rd Night Marathon. Maybe I`ll run or maybe I will give you a glass of water and a screaming support 🙂

See you! Run with smile! Support runners!

Photos by Grawe Nocni Maraton and


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