Where can you find the smallest cathedral in the world?

Do you think you know what is the smallest cathedral in the world? If your answer is the Church of the Holy Cross in Nin, Croatia, then you are real geek 🙂 Most of Croatians don`t know this.

The Church of the Holy Cross (in Croatian: Crkva svetog Križa) is the most valuable monument of early Croatian religious architecture and one of Nin’s best known symbol.  If you ever see it for yourself you will find it real tiny, cute and nice. When you know that it was built around 800 AD and that is the only religious object in Nin which has remained untouched since its construction to date, you will be even more impressed. Incredible!?

Spellbound by its beauty, the famous English architect Thomas Jackson, called it „the smallest cathedral in the world“.

The inside measures of the Church are only 7,80 x 7,60 x 8,20 m and the wall is 57 cm thick. Around it you can still see the remains of ancient houses.  During the reign of Croatian Kings it served as a Court chapel for the nearby Duke’s Court.

Inside you can`t see much except swallows that fly in and out.

Interesting fact? The Church is a kind of calendar because of the position of the windows and the angle of the sun light that goes through you can calculate the exact date of the equinox and solstice. The Festival of Sun and Light is held every year in Nin on the first day of summer.

Source: Official pages of the town Nin


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