Exploring Zagreb: the old town Medvedgrad

Although the center of Zagreb is the most visited part of my home town, I believe that travellers (and tourist) not knowing miss some of the best spots.

As it is, the best things are hard to find or you need to make an effort to see it. Medvedgrad (translation would be “bear-town”) is a medieval castel (fortified city) located on the southern slope of Medvednica, at the top of the hill Mali Plazur. A strategic location for sure because from there you have a perfect view over Zagreb.

Medvedgrad was built in 1254 but it was never attacted. There are lots of stories (and legends) about Medvedgrad and its lords, maybe the story about the countess Barbara of Celje (The Black Queen) is the most popular and years after the town was abandoned in 1590 (it was badly damaged by an earthquake), treasure hunters came searching for the treasure which allegedly was hidden there by the Black Queen.

Today you can still visit Medvedgrad. Some parts have been reconstructed, and you can find there a souvenir shop or make a tour with (or without) a guide. Recently Medvedgrad hosts many events and after visiting one music concert this summer, I must say that it was a wonderful experience seeing Medvedgrad in the evening.

The Homeland Altar is a monument built in 1994 under the southern tower. It is a work of sculptor Kuzma Kovačić. You can see there an eternal flame in the honor of all Croatian heroes.


Admission ticket costs 15 kn (2 eur). It is opened every day except Monday. For the opening hours and more information please visit official site of the Nature Park Medvednica – Medvedgrad information.

If you like nature and walking I am sure you will enjoy this short trip. I believe that three hours is more than enough. When walking the trail don`t forget to take a bottle of water with you. Take a snack and enjoy the view!

A view from the main tower.

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