The Sweetest Days in Samobor

Visitig Zagreb? Do you want to see more? I suggest visiting Samobor, 15-minute ride west from Zagreb.

This weekend (13-14th Sept) you can enjoy Honey days of Samobor, and enjoy not just in view, in exploring city but also you will enjoy in gastronomy delights.

Samobor’s citizens and local caterers contributed to the city’s gourmet reputation by finding the right balance between the heritage and novelties which have inevitably entered their menus. With time, some of those novelties have also become a part of the tradition and are nowadays associated with the Samobor area.

Today, there is no tourist or visitor to Samobor who has left without trying a kremšnita (a custard slice) and homemade specialties, asking for the local salami, češnofka (a garlic-flavoured sausage), muštarda (a grape mustard sauce), having a glass of bermet (a red wine, fruit and herbs aperitif) or eating a krafna (a jam doughnut) during shrove-tide…

Feeling hungry? Then, see you in Samobor!

Information in Croatian >>>

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