The definition of a perfect day

I have to share this text from Maretonka. Enyoj reading!


It always seems pretty tough and almost impossible for me to put all my thoughts in one place when it comes to describing a marathon experience. Each one of them is very different and very unique; so far there is 6 marathons in my life (and 2 ultras, but let’s not talk about it now) and it is amazing just to think about how special are they in comparison to another. And this time I will – obviously – do it in english, so that people who made it so perfect for me can understand every single word.

So how it all started? More than a year ago, in March of 2013, I found out the results of Erasmus exchange programme and I knew that in spring of 2014 I will be living in Łódź in Poland. So at the moment when I know where will I be…

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