Ferrara marathon

leadImage_ftasliderI am excited. Only two days to Ferrara marathon. I will be running half marathon race and this will be my third run.

Although I had a great running winter, and I have already run this long, I feel like it is my first time. It seems like this time I should do better, be faster, feel no pain… yet you never know what to expect.

Ferrara as a town should be interesting and nice. Hopefully it will be like I remember it.

Awaiting Sunday…


2 thoughts on “Ferrara marathon”

  1. I had never heard of the city of Ferrara until I saw this post. It looks gorgeous, especially the large castle-like buildings and churches. I added it to my race calendar and will keep track of it in future years, should I find myself going on a European vacation. Best of luck!

    1. Oh, it was a great run. I run “just” half marathon and I enjoyed. Red-brick houses are typical, but the structure is general unique for this part of Italy. My friends that ran marathon said it was a bit boring when they left the city. Ferrara is not some big event but it is close to Croatia that is why we went there. (I love Ljubljana because of the people that cheer all the way!)

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