They say when you feel down it is best thing to remember the good days and funny things. Well, I have never liked short autumn/winter day and I already miss the sun. O, sunshiny day! Sun, yes, yes, sunny days on Cuba, my favorite destination, and still on my wish list – to go back and see the rest of the country. First time I was there for two weeks, and I feel I need three more to see the rest and learn more of spanish.

I remembered the great times and some times hilarious situations. We did some stupid things and thanks God that we are alive today! Anyway, I am just putting couple of photos.

This is our first jintero that we met on Cuba. It was by accident but it is how they work. Jintero is a spanish word for a charlatan that tries to be your friend by showing you the city, finding you a place to eat or sleep. In the end you pay him or you pay more for your bed or food. We didn`t invite him to go with us but he join us and finally took us to some restaurant. Important to mention: before restaurant he called his pregnant wife to join us and we ended paying them both a lunch. It think it was the most expensive lunch on Cuba. This was the first and the last time we did it. After that we learnt basic spanish words: “No me molesta!” (the most useful thing to know!)

As we travelled we slept in casa particular. It is a private accommodation. We had good ones and bad ones, this one is to remember because of the king size pinky covered bed. We couldn`t stop laughing when we saw it but I did sleep in this bed at the end. 🙂

This picture was taken on island Cayo Blanco. We went for a boat (snorkeling) excursion. Lunch was inclusive and for the drinks we had all-day open bar – all-you-can-drink. Viva la cuba libre! (When you are on Cuba, act as a Cuban – drink all day.) We didn`t see much of the fishes but we had a great relaxing day.

Trinidad is one of my favorite places on Cuba. Picturesque and vibrant but only because we where there during Cultural week (Semana de la Cultura Trinitaria). I love its colorful street, kids smiling while going to school. In Trinidad we decided to find some horses to ride to the waterfall. We didn`t know, not untill coming to the fall that there was no water! But it was some experience riding for the first time. (Mum, please forgive me, I want be so witless next time.)

This is picture of Havana Cathedral (Catedral de San Cristóbal de La Havana). We spent here a lot of time because just on the right of the cathedral there was a quite good restaurant where we came for breakfast. If you are lucky as we were then you will enjoy in great weather, not so many people and great view. When you sit, eat and drink, and simply enjoy the moment, you don`t feel like going somewhere else. (Round the corner on the right of the Cathedral is a famous cafe of Ernest Hemigway – La Bodeguita del Medio where you for a mojito.)

We had a photo session in Cienfuegos as we had so much time to explore. Not so special place, I would rather recommend staying in Trinidad then here. While staying here we took a one day trip to Playa Giron where we enjoyed typical Carribean beach.

Can you recognise the car? Old Cuban car is something you have to try while in Cuba. This kind a ride you`ll never forget. Our taxi driver first stopped to pour fuel and then to clean the windshield – in the middle of driving!

I hope you have enjoyed my picture slide show from Cuba…


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