Last weekend we went by train to Hrvatska Kostajnica where every year is organized event in honor of chestnut! During the “chestnut weekend” (in Croatian “Kestenijada”) people all over Croatia (and tourist from abroad) are coming here not only by car but also with organized train from Zagreb. Special train “Kesten cug” drives only for this special event and the tickets are cheaper than on regular days. The drive from Zagreb last for about 1,5-2 hours.

This was our first “kestenijada” in Hrvatska Kostajnica and I was pretty much excited because I like going through the woods, enjoying fresh air while looking for chestnuts. After walking through Hrvatska Kostajnica and seeing old fortress, we had to take a bus that drives tourist to chestnut woods. Yee! Well, I thought so… After 20 minutes of drive, we went to the woods… And we walked, and looked under the leaves, and walked… but the only chestnut we saw where those on the tree and the ones you could buy. Yes, really, we didn`t find any chestnut – nada – zero – NONE! A bit disappointed we grab something to eat and went back to the city. The day was great, sun was shining and we had a great time chilling on the open terrace. We had a train for Zagreb shortly before 7 p.m.

Anyway, my friend bought some chestnut to take home. Maybe will find some chestnut in woods around Zagreb where we usually go. At least we know what to do next weekend. 🙂

Just to show you, this are the only chestnuts we could find in Hrvatska Kostajnica – freshly roasted on open fire.

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