Zagreb is my hometown and it deserves to be mentioned more than once because it is destination worth visiting and should be on everyone`s lists. Anyone who has ever been to Zagreb, knows that Zagreb has a lot to offer no matter what their interests are. It is a cultural, educational, industrial, economical and administrative center of Croatia.

Photo: Zagreb Cathedral ©sandra bortek

Zagreb with its surroundings area has population about 1,1 mil. (Croatia in total has about 4,5 mil people).

Photo: Ban Josip Jelacic square ©sandra bortek

Zagreb is located in the northwest of the country on the southern slopes of the Medvednica mountain. It stretches along the both sides of the river Sava. Generally on the north side there are most of the companies and most people go to work there. The south bank of Zagreb is sometimes called the „dormitory“. Don`t get me wrong, there are a lot of companies, shopping centers on this side but the history of Zagreb lays on the other side.

Photo: Croatian National Theatre ©sandra bortek

The first settlement in the urban area can be found on the archeological site of the Roman town of Andautonia which dates back to 1 st century. The city of Zagreb was formed from the two cities: (today the upper town) Kaptol – known by Zagreb Cathedral and Gradec – known by merchants. This two towns were united by ban Josip Jelačić in 1851. Today the main city square has is named by ban Jelačić.

This is just a first post about city of Zagreb. I will introduce to you more of the city as well as more of the sights followed by the photos. If you coming to Zagreb, feel free to contact me so we can me for a coffee, tea or whatever.

Photo: Ban Josip Jelačić ©sandra bortek


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