The Olympic Games London 2012 are over. Finally! I was in London last weekend attending the handball finals and cheering for Croatian national team. I must say I had a great time and I met wonderful people. Without them this trip to London wouldn`t be so amusing.

Photo: Natali, Anja, Maja, Karmen and Costa (and Tower Bridge)

We came to London on Friday (10/08/2012) and first went to see the semi-final with France. Although we were all sure that we`ll win this game, it seems that Croatian coach got lost. This wasn`t the game that we`re used to watch. We cheered so hard but there were too many French and they were so laud that any our attempt to say something was useless. This time French were better and they won fair-and-square.

On Saturday we had the whole day off so we used it to meet with Zlatko and Manuel at Olympic Park, have a coffee, and later go sightseeing. As I have already been to London I offered myself to be a guide and show them the city. We bought one-day ticket for metro and bus (7 £) which is the best if you`re planning to ride a lot like we did. We used our time to see as much as we can, but if you have ever been to London then you know you need at least five days to see it all and enjoy it. We saw a lot but our feet got burned. 🙂 (A mad guide!) I will describe you our route in other post.

Photo: Zlatko Horvat, I and Manuel Štrlek

On Sunday at 11 a.m. we had to cheer for our national handball team in finals for bronze. This time we cheered better and our team won against Hungary winning a bronze medal on Olympic games in London. Later that day a Croatian water polo team won a gold olympic medal!

If you didn`t know, Croatia is a small country at Adriatic coast with 4,5 mil people. The capital is Zagreb and official languages is Croatian. This year at Olympics Croatian won 6 Olympic medals – 3 golds, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals. For country so small as Croatia this is a great sport success. On Monday at Zagreb`s airport hundreds of people welcomed Croatian Olympians who later that day went to the center of Zagreb and greeted happy crowd.

Photo: Welcoming Olympians at Zagreb airport


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