SkyWork Airlines now with 16 connecting flights

The Berne-based carrier SkyWork Airlines is offering 16 connecting flights on its existing route network. This means for example that SkyWork passengers can travel directly from Belgrade to London City via Berne. Passengers reap the benefit of very short transfer times and routes.

Thanks to the new connecting flights in the current summer flight schedule, SkyWork Airlines customers are able to get to their final destination via Berne, without the hustle and bustle of the big airports. Passengers need not worry about their baggage either – this is automatically reloaded in the correct aircraft in Berne. “This is another consequence of our best cost strategy. We offer our guests attractive connecting flights at fair prices and a stress-free travel experience”, SkyWork Airlines CEO Tomislav Lang sums up. The new connecting flights can be booked on-line as of today.

You can check here  2012 summer flight schedule

Source: Posvudusha


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