If you haven`t seen this fair while visiting Zagreb, you surely don`t know what you have missed! This is fabulous, vibrant and colorful place that should be a touristic spot of Zagreb!

Fair or Flea market Hrelić – Jakuševac is unique and the biggest in Croatia. It is a car fair – you can buy used cars, motors and bikes, but as we like to say – you can also buy anything you imagine – „from needle to locomotive”.  The fair is open on Wednesday (small part) and on Sunday which is a big day for fair, a people from all parts of Croatia (and region) come to sell their stuff or to find something special they need.

I go sometimes to the market just to enjoy and amuse myself, because you can`t stop laughing when you see what people sell and what people buy. Everything there has its buyer. Since the recession in Croatia, more and more people go there to buy clothes (used or new, it doesn`t matter) and you can find pieces for just 5 Kuna (less than euro!). Bargaining is must if you want to buy really cheap. What can you buy? EVERYTHING, even a laptop although I wouldn`t recommend it! My friend once bought an old CD player for 1,5 euro but he had to buy an electric cable (and he did for the same price!) and it still works!

I think it`s better when you see the photos – pictures do tell more than words. That is a real economy in action.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All photos by S. Bortek


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