I can hardly wait for the Olympics to start. Croatian athletes are flying to London today, and I have my favorites and two special Olympians wished all the luck. Who knows, maybe I`ll meet them in London!

It is nice to know that in the Croatian handball national team in London, two cousins will play for the first time – Zlatko and Lidija Horvat. Yeah! Not only are the Olympics the biggest event in athletes career, but winning a gold medal is a crown of it. Well, I`ll keep my fingers crossed whole the time! The joy is bigger because the girls handball team is at the Olympics for the first time! Men’s handball national team already has experience, and it seems if they don`t bring gold medal, then won`t bring any (Gold medals: Atlanta 1996th, Athens 2004.).
Men Handball was included in the Olympic program in 1936, but after that year it was again declared as an Olympic sport in 1972 at the Olympic Games in Munich. Women’s handball was first held in Montreal 1976. Croatian men handball national team won twice gold medal.

Olympic Games London 2012
The Olympic Games will begin in just four days – on 27th of July.

The program of the Games will include 26 sports competitions which in 300 disciplines. In London Olympics is expected to participate about 10500 athletes and 6000 supporting officials from 205 countries worldwide. 110 athletes in 18 sports will represent Croatia in London.

So now you know which sports will I follow, and for whom will I cheer the loudest. Good luck and good games to all Olympians!


Olympian cake: Good luck Zlatko  and Lidija!

Olympic medals: London 2012 Olympic medals designed by British artist David Watkins. The Olympic medals disk circular form is a metaphor for the world. The front of the medal always depicts the same imagery at the summer Games – the Greek Goddess of Sport – ‘Nike’ – stepping out of the depiction of the Parthenon and arriving in London.

Mascot Wenlock and Mandeville: Athletes and local children first on completed track Picture taken 03.10.11 by David Poultney for LOCOG Pictured London2012


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