How many times did you before going on the road hear from relatives or friends (or even just acquaintances) – Bring me something! Well, although I find traveling very exciting, we always lose a lot of time looking for the perfect souvenir. Because of this problem, and from my own experience, I decided to find the best souvenirs.

I was dusting the other my souvenirs. Some I got from friends and some I brought. I really needed some time and actually I was tormented by taking of each figure, cleaning it and then returning it back. It took me quite a lot of miles to realize what is the best, the most practical and least expensive souvenir, and that will be suitable for my friend. And yes, I’m smarter now, so I buy just some souvenirs and for a narrow group of people.
Regardless of whether you agree with me or not, I’m sure there are souvenirs in your home that just collect dust and you don`t have strength to take them of the shelf. Well let’s see, what could be the best travel souvenirs?


1. Magnets – I do not know anybody that was on the road, and that hasn`t bought at least one magnet. This is among my favorite souvenirs, and people often mention that they would like to get one. Prices can be ok, although I saw in some countries that they are charging really too much for a piece.

2. Postcards – On the road I always send at least one postcard, and everything depends on the destination country. Too bad that the postage is high, we might send more postcards! Some buy them and bring them without sending, I personally prefer the ones that I get in my mailbox.

3. Pictures – certainly the most rewarding souvenir. Memories that you`ll never take of from the wall, of course if you like it! Rarely you’ll go wrong, especially if you’re buying something that is typical for the country you’re visiting. Hanging carvings and things like that can decorate the space, are also okay.


4. T-ShirtsI have experienced that as a practical souvenir T-shirt was better and cheaper than anything else, and the purchase of magnets, figurines would thereby be ridiculous. It`s better to get a nice shirt then a nice figure that will soon be dust collector. This is definitely a desirable souvenir.

5. Jewelry – Buying jewelry for a female person, you can never go wrong, no matter whether it is a wooden, plastic, or from the more precious materials like silver, amber, gold, turquoise … Women love this stuff and will be happy to wear them especially if it`s their taste. This souvenir is convenient also for you. I have a friend who buys silver bracelet in each destination, I personally like silver rings, but it could be anything.

EXTRA 6.  – Photos – Souvenir that you`ll always have, but it will mean something only to you. Therefore, even a mini-camera is desirable to capture the moments while on the journey. And of course, if you don`t have to make each of them, but only the ones you want to see once in a while in your album.

Do you have a favorite souvenir? I look forward to your ideas and experiences from the trip!


5 thoughts on “TOP 5 TRAVEL SOUVENIRS”

  1. I used to have sooo many magnets, but when I moved overseas permanently, I gave them all away. It’s funny how much space that stuff takes up! These days it’s only photos and things I can actually use, like jewelry and clothes.

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