If you aren`t into  travel so much, then maybe you don`t know couple of tricks that can help you find cheaper airline tickets.

1. Try to be flexible. Sometimes is better to first find a ticket, and then plan a vacation dates. If you have to fly at a specific date then even +/- 2 days can be significant in the matter of ticket prices.

2. Fly in the middle of the week and avoid holidays. Not only you will avoid crowded airports and overbooked flights, but the tickets are cheaper!

3. Check for flight from other airports instead checking just the closest one. Sometimes is better to drive to distant airport because even with the cost of the drive you can still save money!

4. Make plans. It is cheaper to book airline tickets couple of months ahead especially for the remote destination.

5. Check for the prices of the round trips rather than buying just one-way ticket if you know when you are going back.

6. Assign for airline or tourist agency`s newsletter and be informed about good deals and maybe get some kind of a discount.

7. Travel with hand luggage when possible because you can be asked to give your seat on overbooked flight and in return you can get additional free ticket!

8. Collect miles. Air companies can award you if you fly with them. Become a member of a club like Miles and more, collect miles on travels and on using credit cards. Latter you can exchange collected miles for a free air ticket.


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