The #London Blast

Just a few photos from my trip to London. I had opportunity to be at the Olympic Games a support Croatian handball team and to explore London for the second time. With great friends it was a trip to remember! Continue reading The #London Blast

#Dalmatia countryside in pictures

Every year I spend at least one week in Dalmatia, in one small village near Benkovac.

Every village was well populated before the war, today you can only see elderly people. In spite of all problems, things are changing, and people leave city life just to live without stress and to be closer to the nature. Continue reading #Dalmatia countryside in pictures

National park Krka #Croatia

Besides famous National park Plitvice Lakes, my favourite on is National Park Krka located near the city of Šibenik, Dalmatia.

The Krka National Park was named after river Krka and proclaimed in 1985. There is much to see in NP Krka but for sure, most famous (and crowded) is the site Skradinski buk.

It is easy to get there – just follow high way and get of in Skradin. There you will get on a boat that will take you to the entrance of the park. Continue reading National park Krka #Croatia

Zlatni rat: Golden Cape on island Brac #Croatia

Zlatni rat is famous beach on island Brač. It is not just the beach, it`s a natural phenomena where sandy cape (beach) shifts influenced by winds, current and tides. Continue reading Zlatni rat: Golden Cape on island Brac #Croatia


Ok, you will probably ask why is this so important to know about Croatia? If you are not a runner this information will perhaps be unimportant, but still, news like this don`t come so often. So what about this?

Last weekend in Winschonten, small town in Netherlands, the IAU 100km World and European Championships took place. It is something that happens every year but this year`s championship was full of excitement for Croats. Our national ultra running team went there with 4 of 5 our best women. Yes, only five, because from 4 mil people that live in Croatia only this few running-lovers are crazy enough to run 100 km (or 24 hour race!)


#Jordan #travel: Why do I blame Indiana Jones?

As a young naive girl I was fan of Indiana Jones movies. I was dreaming how I will travel the world and explore sights and discover new history. Then I saw a beautiful canyon Siq. It took me some time to discover that it was a road to the forgotten city of Petra in Jordan.

Continue reading #Jordan #travel: Why do I blame Indiana Jones?

How we hacked our trip to Madrid

Since I have started running, every plan to visit one destination goes with question – is there any race? That`s how we planed our trip to Madrid, we rented a cheap and suitable appartement via , bought the plane tickets and went on adventure!

How we hacked our trip

Continue reading How we hacked our trip to Madrid

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