Ok, you will probably ask why is this so important to know about Croatia? If you are not a runner this information will perhaps be unimportant, but still, news like this don`t come so often. So what about this?

Last weekend in Winschonten, small town in Netherlands, the IAU 100km World and European Championships took place. It is something that happens every year but this year`s championship was full of excitement for Croats. Our national ultra running team went there with 4 of 5 our best women. Yes, only five, because from 4 mil people that live in Croatia only this few running-lovers are crazy enough to run 100 km (or 24 hour race!)


#Jordan #travel: Why do I blame Indiana Jones?

As a young naive girl I was fan of Indiana Jones movies. I was dreaming how I will travel the world and explore sights and discover new history. Then I saw a beautiful canyon Siq. It took me some time to discover that it was a road to the forgotten city of Petra in Jordan.

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How we hacked our trip to Madrid

Since I have started running, every plan to visit one destination goes with question – is there any race? That`s how we planed our trip to Madrid, we rented a cheap and suitable appartement via , bought the plane tickets and went on adventure!

How we hacked our trip

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The best night run in Zagreb

If you ever plan to visit Zagreb sometime in late August, try not to miss the best night race – night marathon!

The runners will for sure be excited to know that night marathon like this one exists in Zagreb, and even if they are just visiting Zagreb as a tourist, a great race like this one shouldn`t be missed.

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Where can you find the smallest cathedral in the world?

Do you think you know what is the smallest cathedral in the world? If your answer is the Church of the Holy Cross in Nin, Croatia, then you are real geek :) Most of Croatians don`t know this.

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Happy to have memories like this

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Every year my running community plans a running camp in National park Durmitor in Montenegro. This year I didn`t manage to go but I have such a great memories that Durmitor will always have a special place on my travel list.

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Awsome island Hvar

Last week I was on island Hvar visiting a cosy town Stari Grad.

Everybody talks about town Hvar, lot of celebrities go there (Demi Moore was there this weekend) and it is pretty expensive but you have to pay that image. Stari Grad on the other hand is less crowded, quite but with richer history and it is a great port for boats of all kind (and ones ten time bigger then my house!). Anyway, I had opportunity to get to know Stari Grad and I was amazed!

Stari Grad (Old Town) was the main settlement and founded somewhere in 4th century BC. The first polis was named Pharos (Greek name, later Romans called it Faria in mid 1st century BC, and Croats gave it its Slavic name Hvar).

In 13th century AD a new capital of the island became the modern town Hvar. To distinguish Old and New capital the old capital Hvar was given name Stari Grad (Old Town in English).

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